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Shampoo Bars

Made in solid colors so you can tell them apart from our soap bars in the shower.

We know that all good things take time. Our Shampoo Bars are no exception. Though this original recipe took a few years to develop, it was worth the wait. Here's why:

Bergamot Grapefruit

$6.29 each

Fresh & Crisp


$6.29 each

Sort of Masculine, fresh and light.

Cinnamon Clove

$6.29 each

Cinnamon carries a spicy, warm aroma that pleases the senses – and the body! We’ve all smelled cloves in potpourri and we’ve used them in cooking – cloves are known for their sweet, spicy scent.


$6.29 each

This Lavender smells just like dried buds that I have rolled in my palms or fingers; it’s so authentic you won’t believe it. Lavender Essential Oil is incredibly soothing and calming – a wonderful stress reliever!

Lemon Ginger

$6.29 each

Zingy lemony candy scent that reminds us of the old-fashioned lemonheads candies, combined with tall grasses to make the perfect fragrance. Fresh, clean and wonderful.

Rosemary Mint

$6.29 each

Refreshing, invigorating and soothing