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Natural Pet Shampoos

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Milk Soap

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Lip Balm

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Natural Pet Care: So good it follows you home

Pet Shampoo: Begging to get in the tub? Maybe not. But definitely less annoyed by pest and skin problems

Okay, so your dog or cat probably won't suddenly become eager for baths, but you'll find the experience more enjoyable. Our Pet Shampoo Bar is easier to handle than a slippery bottle, and it's made with natural oils for rich lather that conditions and quickly rinses. Perfect for pets with sensitive skin. And it's made with essential oils that help keep pests away!

Natural Pet Shampoos & Paw Balm

Pet Shampoo - Citrus Blend

$6.29 each

Pet Shampoo - Lavender Blend

$6.29 each

Paw Balm

Ever notice how hard it is to heal dry, cracked paws? Not with our Paw Balm. Just massage on paw pads as needed, and let our rich blend of natural oils soften cracks and repair minor cuts and scrapes.

$8.50 each

Cat Toys

Heatable Organic Catnip Toys

Available in assorted colors.

$5.00 each

Filled with organic catnip and flax seed. To use- just place in the microwave for 30 seconds and the kitties will come running! Fabrics will vary, toys in photos are shown as examples.