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Natural Pet Shampoos

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Milk Soap

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Lip Balm

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Help dry, cracked areas heal fast! Get peace of mind with our natural blend of essential oils that soften cracks, repair minor cuts and scrapes, and soothe your skin. Infused with nature's finest oils and butters to soften and relieve dryness.


Chapped Skin Balm

With Indonesian Dark Patchouli & Bulgarian Lavender essential oils

2 oz. tin

$8.50 each

Cuticle Balm

.15 oz. tube

$5.00 each

Ink Polish™ - Balm

2 oz. tin

$10.00 each

Ingredients: Argan oil, organic bees wax, cocoa butter, mango butter, neem oil, tocopherol (Vitamin E), essential oils.

Lavender Sleep Stick

.15 oz. tube

$7.00 each

A natural sleep enhancer that helps calm your mind.

I personally use this aromatherapy salve nightly and I truly believe it allows me to turn off my brain and get a better quality, more restful sleep - which leads to more energetic, productive next day. 

Made with all natural products, the Sleep Stick is meant to be dabbed on your pulse points - temples, writes, throat, behind the ears or knees - even under your nose - prior to bedtime. Not to be used on lips or ingested.