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Natural Sea Sponge

Soap Dish - Larger

Natural Sea Sponge

Size approx. 1.5-2 inches. Perfect for our facial bars, babies and make-up application.

$1.75 each

Quality & Safety. Used since ancient times, the superiority of the Natural Sea Sponge is unmatched.  Sea sponges are highly absorbent, create a luxurious lather, are softly textured, and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Natural sponges are more durable and last longer than synthetic sponges because they are more resistant to abrasion.  They have been known to last as long as 8 years!

Eco-Friendly & Natural. The Sea Sponge is a renewable natural resource. While harvesting, divers are careful to ensure that the base of the sponge remains intact.  This puts into motion its natural reproduction.  The sponge then will re-grow within a few years, often bigger and healthier than its original state. Studies show that areas harvested actually increase the population density of sponges.  Additionally, the sponges have amazing regenerative powers as the natural process of the tide and currents will pick up sponges and they will re-grow in new locations.

Cedar Soap Dish

$4.50 each

Simple and rustic, our hand cut cedar soap dishes are made of raw wood and polished with a lemon oil, to bring out the beautiful grain of the wood and keep them long lasting.

A soap dish with drainage is essential in keeping your handmade soaps dry and long lasting. Cedar contains several natural antimicrobial properties and it resists moisture while drying quickly. Goes perfect with any of my Handmade Soaps.

Each soap dish measures 4.5" long X 3" wide and is 3/4" tall.

Naturally, due to the variances in the wood, each soap dish will be unique in color, some with knots, without knots, darker hues, etc.


BB Sampler - Larger

Guest Bar Set

Lip Balm Sampler - Larger

BB Sampler


Our top sellers in a to-go box. Each box contains:
(Sample soaps weigh 1.3 ounces each)

  • 1 guest soap bar
  • 1 guest head-to-toe soap bar
  • 1 soothing lip balm
  • 1 bath sea salt crystal sample
  • 1 women's shavings soap sample
  • 1 ounce solid lotion
Guest Bar Set

New lower price


Try our pack of seven, 1.3 oz bars of our mild and moisturizing handmade soap. They make nice little guest soaps or a gift for someone special.

Included: Lake Superior, Log Cabin, Northern Lights, Minnesota Lady Slipper, North Woods, Wild Blueberry Milk soap and Mississippi Mud shampoo bar.

Lip Balm Sampler (4-pack)

$12.00 each

Variety of our regular line and seasonal blends. We choose.