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Our Story

Bubbles by Brooks

Let Bubbles by Brooks™ Change Your Life

Soap = Hope

When my daughter, Allie, was just a toddler, she couldn't pronounce the word "soap." Instead, she called it "Hope." Little did we know, but her innocent little slip of the tongue foreshadowed the role soap would play in my life after a 1996 leukemia diagnosis. Thankfully, the treatments, though harsh, were effective. But they also made my skin more sensitive and persistently dry. A friend's gift of handcrafted soap changed everything. Its gentleness soothed my skin and felt better than any treatment prescribed by doctors.

I became so excited about natural soap that I researched it and learned how to make it myself. My hobby soon grew into a family business, and Bubbles by Brooks™ launched in 1999. I love the challenge and creativity of learning, experimenting, and developing my own recipes. Soap making is my passion—a wonderful gift in my life that arose out of the difficulty of leukemia.

Handcrafted soap has changed my life. Through Bubbles by Brooks™, it has changed the life of many others. I hope it inspires and changes yours.

Amy Brooks
Founder, Bubbles by Brooks™

Dry Skin Does Not Have to Be Your Fate

The American Academy of Dermatologists* estimates that up to 40% of the population is affected by dry skin. Commercial soaps do nothing to help. Their chemicals and alcohols strip away our skin's natural oils leaving it itchy, dry, and irritated. Natural soaps are milder and do not strip away our skin's natural oils—making them more effective at caring for our sensitive skin.

Natural Soap—A Sensory Experience

At Bubbles by Brooks™, we are dedicated to using only the best raw materials available. Our products are earth-friendly, handcrafted, and designed to appeal to all of your senses. Subtle blends of essential and Phthalate Free fragrance oils create relaxing or invigorating aromas, natural colorants and herbs add visual appeal and unique textures.

Our Commitment to You

At Bubbles by Brooks™, we are passionate about our products and the service we offer. That's why we:

Let the Bubbles by Brooks™ experience change your life and give you hope!

Handcrafted soap has changed my life. Through Bubbles by Brooks™, it has changed the life of many others. I hope it inspires and changes yours.

We want to do our part in fighting back against the disease by supporting organizations that provide research and patient services for patients and families dealing with cancer.

A portion of all profits are donated to the Mayo Clinic.

*Donations will support Cancer research (non-animal testing) at Mayo Clinic.